Hedgehog Slice

Biscuits, butter, and chocolate icing......Yum!


Biscuits, butter, condensed milk, coconut, cocoa powder, icing sugar

Lemon Citrus Slice


Zesty lemon icing with a biscuit base, sprinkled with toasted coconut and lemon zest.

A favourite of mine!


Wine biscuits, coconut, lemon, butter, condensed milk.

Lolly Cake Slice

A malt biscuit blend combined with eskimo lollies.

It's a kids favourite and if we admit it adults too!


Malt biscuits, eskimo lollies, butter, condensed milk, coconut.

Sultana Biscuits

A crunchy biscuit with sultanas mixed in for the healthy aspect!


Milk, butter, sugar, sultanas, flour, golden syrup, baking soda, vanilla essence.

Banana Loaf


Bananas, bananas, bananas - in loaf form, and great with a cup of tea.


Bananas, flour, sugar, butter, egg, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla essence.

Apple & Cinnamon Loaf

Apples diced and combined together with tasty cinnamon.  Then butter, flour, sugar and vanilla are added for this wee gem.

My nanas recipe. 


Flour, apple, butter, sugar, milk, cinnamon, eggs, brown sugar, vanilla essence, baking power.

Date Loaf

Classic dates, baking ingredients and a hot oven is all that is needed for this heart warming treat.


Dates, butter, sugar, flour, baking powder, baking soda.

Chocolate Chip Biscuits


A delicious Sante biscuit mixed in with some choccy chips.

A classic.


Flour, butter, sugar, chocolate chips, condensed milk, baking powder.

Peanut Butter Biscuits

Crunchy Peanut butter is the star of these biscuits. Not much else is needed.


Crunchy peanut butter, egg, sugar.