All positive comments and thoughts are greatly appreciated; if there are concerns, then please let me know by phone or email.

Lauren: Roxburgh 

Plus One Meal deliveries was so great for me! I thought having my 3rd baby I would have everything
under control but you just forget how time consuming a newborn can be especially with 2 other kids
running around as well! Luckily for me I had a weeks worth of meals dropped off otherwise my family
would have been having a lot of spaghetti on toast! The meals were all so easy to heat, tasted fantastic
and most importantly for us there was plenty there to feed my farming partner and 2 older children.
Both my partner and 2 other children aged 2 & 4 loved them so they are definitely perfect for the whole family!

Beth: Wanaka

Plus One Meals was great for our family when our new baby came along, making our family of 3 a family of 4. 

Wish we had it when we had our first, as both of our families live out of town.   

Delivered with a friendly smile - Plus One  is a range of tasty homecooked meals and sweet things that keep you going when short on time and sleep. 

Portions were great for our family for dinner and leftovers for lunch. Our toddler loved the meals and were very easy to defrost and reheat. 

Shelley: Cromwell

I just recently had my third baby and having very little time in my day left to cook for those who eat solid foods, Plus One really helped me out.

It came all made and packaged. The dinner time meals were frozen and popped away for those nights I needed it, and the baking arrived fresh and so delicious. The Citrus Slice did not last long!

My two eldest girls ate all the dishes we ordered, the Mac and Cheese and Sausage Casserole being favourites.

Everything I could eat too, with no spices too bold, so my milk wasn't affected.

Portions were great, enough to feed my husband, myself and the two eldest girls. With some left over for lunch the next day.

This service is great and I highly recommened it to all you mums out there who are under pressure from either anxiety or a busy household.

Thanks so much Kylie for your service, I will be ordering again very soon! (probably around teething time.)

Rochelle: Frankton

Just wanted to say thank-you so much for the wonderful meals.  They are absolutely perfect.   Every one of them is delicious and is quite popular with my 3-year-old (which is most important to me).  

Your meals are truely the answer to my prayers.  I was struggling with balancing work and managing everything at home, and I am so glad I came across your advert.  You have improved the quality of my life.  I had signed up for a few other meal services like yours but the food was not quite perfect, so always felt conflicted about what I put on my son's plate.

I will definitely be ordering every month.