Plus One Meals came as a ‘lightbulb’ moment for Kylie Jenkins when one night while cooking dinner for her family, she realised how great it would be to make and deliver meals to people who just needed a physical or mental break.  As a result she has established a small commercial kitchen in her Pisa Moorings home.

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Cooking Your Desire

Kylie Jenkins (nee Melrose) understands the importance of eating good meals when you are a new mother trying to raise a family. 

Struggling with a newborn after she and her husband moved to Central Otago from their home town of Dunedin three years ago, Kylie developed Post-Natal Anxiety.

Trips to the supermarket became impossible missions, and daily walks with baby, pram and dog - unthinkable. 

After a full year of broken sleep, not eating properly, and exhausted from trying to do the best for her family, she eventually asked for help - with encouragement from her husband, family and great friends.

She now wants to reach out to other new and busy parents who may be in the same boat, by offering pre-made nourishing food.


It was at the end of secondary school when Kylie first experienced anxiety - from the pressure of the chef training.  She soon realised the hospitality industry and chefing was not for her.

Kylie went on to eventually become the manager of a retail store in Dunedin and married her long-time love - later deciding to move to Central Otago for a change of pace.  

Her daughter Poppy was born and the anxiety again reared its ugly head.

Exhausted and not eating, it was on a family holiday to Australia that Kylie finally broke down.

" It got to the point where even lifting a fork to my mouth and chewing was becoming a daily battle."

Contacting her local GP led her to receiving much needed counselling (based in Alexandra). She got herself back on her feet after months of resetting her brain and emotions, also gaining new knowledge and tools to help deal with her anxiety.


Kylie wants to provide nutritious meals so she can do her bit to help others.

"I believe a full tummy from good food is beating half the demon."

Plus One Meals is a creation Kylie came to develop as a result of her journey through post-natal anxiety.

If your journey is sounding somewhat similar, then check out the Meal Deals available to keep you and your family, "Fed, Full, and Fearless."

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